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The Changing Face of Television

With the pace of modern day life increasingly making more demands on our time, those of us who use Sky+ digiboxes already know the benefits of being able to record our favourite programmes so we can watch them at our own leisure.

We are no longer restricted to the TV schedule - gone are the days when we had to sit down and watch our programmes at the scheduled hour or we missed them.

Now we can watch TV when it suits us and with On Demand, if we miss any programmes (or forget to record them or don’t have the satellite signal) we can use the Catch Up facility. We now have the luxury and freedom to watch exactly what we want, when we want.

More and more people are becoming used to entertainment being provided wen its suits them not when it happen to be being broadcast.

With the combination of a Sky+ HD box, Sky subscription, Satellite signal on Sky and a UK TV Router you can get all your favourite programmes from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Five, etc. on the On Demand services from Sky or Live on your computer, ipad, x-box, play station, tablet etc.

TV viewing just doesn’t get better than this!