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How to set up your new UK TV Router:

Remove your UK TV Router from the packaging. (keep the packaging in case you need to return)

Connect with the cable provided from a spare LAN outlet port (yellow socket any of the 4) on your existing ISP (internet service provider’s) router to the wan inlet on your new UK TV Router

Plug in the UK TV router mains power supply and wait for a minute or so while it boots up.  

Search for new networks & connect to your new UK TV router network either wireless or via a cable and watch as if you are in the UK.

The network name will be UKTVrouter and the password is the on the sticker on the bottom of the router

If you don't get an internet connection after arround 5 minutes, then unplug both routers power supplys, leave for 5 minutes the connect 1st your ISP router then your UK TV Router and give it 2-3 minutes to boot up. Then search again for the new network and check you have internet. (the wirless password is on the bottom of the router).

IMPORTANT – NEVER press The 'Reset' Button on the Router!