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The following information is relevant to streaming Live TV on Ipad, PC, lap top, playstation, xbox, tablets etc.

1) To test your network speed click here
2) You need at least 800 kbps to stream TV but 1500 kbps is better.
3) When you receive your UK TV Router follow the simple instructions below.
4) Then connect the devices you wish to use, either by wireless network or direct with cable.

The wireless code is on the underside of the router.

.Installation Instructions:

1) Connect with the cable provided from a spare LAN outlet port (yellow socket any of the 4) on your existing ISP (internet service provider’s) router to the wan inlet (blue one) on your new UK TV router.

2) Plug in the UK TV router mains power supply and wait for a minute or two while it boots up.

3) Search for new networks & connect to your new UK TV router network either wireless or via a cable and watch as if you are in the UK.

a) That’s it, you never need to login.
b) We will contact you 1 month before your subscription ends, so you can renew at your leisure.
c) The current subscription is 95€ per year which is included for the 1st year in the purchase price of the router.
d) You can still use your ISP wireless network for any non geo site (any site which does not require a UK IP address to access)  that you are visiting and switch connection to the UK TV router to watch the TV this will help keep the available bandwidth for those who are streaming TV.

About Annual Subscription Charges:

Since the launch we have had some people ask the question: Why is your annual fee slightly higher than a standard VPN service? The reasons are various so I will lay them out below.

During testing we tried a variety of standard VPN services and found that at some point we got the annoying circle going round in the centre of the screen during a programme, this is because there is no way to control the number of users online at any one time, thus no way to control the available bandwidth per user.
We then decided to set up our own dedicated UK servers which allows us to control the number of users per server and ensure that there is always enough bandwidth available to guarantee you can watch what you want, where you want and when you want without any annoying interruptions.

The advantages of our service are:

  • Guaranteed continued viewing (provided you have an internet speed of 1500mbps although we now have users working on 800mbs)
  • You never need to connect to a VPN server before you start watching, just browse to our channel guide and click on what you want to watch.
  • You don’t need any additional software
  • Your new wireless network creates a virtual little Britain in your home, whenever you connect via this network you are in the UK.
  • Each client can connect up to 4 separate devices allowing the family or guests the ability to watch 4 different programmes simultaneously in different location around the home.
  • Watch anywhere your wireless network reaches: bedroom, terrace, naya etc.
  • Support via our web page and on the phone if required.
  • The parent company is Base Satellite, established on the Costa Blanca in Spain since 2001, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and have installed over 5000 satellite systems for British TV. We understand our customers’ needs and have provided this new service as an add-on not only for those who may lose the ability to view UK TV via the satellite but also as a new method, in these fast moving times, for those who like to have the freedom to watch the TV on other devices at different locations around the home and to use the extremely useful catch-up TV services.


The cost is slightly higher than a standard VPN but these can only be used on one device at a time, they often can’t provide the bandwidth required for streaming TV and you need to go through the process of downloading addition software and connecting to the server each time you want to use it.

There are no other disadvantages.


Q. What bandwidth do I need?
A. You need at least 1500 kbps to stream TV but 2000 kbps is better

Q. What do I get for my subscription?
A. We have our own dedicated servers so only our users are connected. This allows us to guarantee enough band width for each router to have up to 4 separate devices connected and streaming simultaneously. (providing your own internet connection also has sufficient speed)

Q. What payment methods are acceptable?
A. You can pay using PayPal either from a paypal account or with a credit or debit card. You can also pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card over the phone. Just click here to go to the shop page and choose you preferred method

Q. Will my payment details be safe with UK TV Router?
A. Yes when use PayPal we do not see any confidential information. If we take credit card over the phone we don't take the security code from the back of your card and if you choose bank transfer we don't see any of your private information.

Q. What devices can I use?
A. PC, Laptop, IPad , IPod, PS3, Wii, Xbox any other device which you can browse to the British TV sites and watch TV via the internet.

Q. Do I need any additional software?
A. No, no additional software is required it works just as if you were in the UK

Q. What is the lead time for delivery once I place my order?
A. On the Spanish mainland it should be 3-4 days.

Q. How will the router be sent.
A. Correos (Spanish postal service) recorder delivery.

Q. What is the lead time and shipping costs for USA or Australia or anywhere other than Spain?
A. Please contact us here and request a quote

Q. Do you provide technical support?
A. Yes, we provide, remote support, telphone help, email & if needed we can send a technician.