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On Demand from Freesat in Spain & Portugal

You can use the On Demand, Freetime, BBC iplayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand Five in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy & Europe in general as long as you have a satellite dish and Fresat box with a signal on the Freesat EPG (electronic programme guide - on screen TV Guide) & a UK TV Router. 

This page is intended as a guide and to provide links to get the information you need.

If you already have a freesat box, to check out the on demand avaiabilities, click here

Freesat have a new all singing all dancing TV Guide called Freetime, which allows you to wind back the TV Guide 1 week on 24 channels so you can go back and watch anything you missed. It also allows you to use the on demand palyers, BBC iplayer, ITV player, 4OD and Five on demand. To find out more click here and watch the video (all the way to the end even though they repeat themselves a bit in the middle).

What this means is that although you may not have a signal on BBC1 for example, depending on the make and model of your Freesat box you can either watch the programmes from the internet or download them to the harddrive if you have a Freesat recording box and watch at your leisure.

REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE A SATELLITE DISH WITH A SIGNAL ON THE FREESAT EPG (electronic programme guide) a Freesat box and a UK TV Router.