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Terms and Conditions


  • If you have changed your mind by the time the goods reach you, you have 7 days to email us and request a refund, goods must then be returned un-opened and in their original packaging.
  • Please do not return goods without first contacting us for a returns number, please also state in your email the reason for return. In this case all postage fees will be paid by the customer and an additional 30€ fee will be retained for the configuration time and first month server charges.


  • Faulty goods may be returned & exchanged for new during the first 30 days from delivery date.
  • Please do not return goods without first contacting us for a returns nº, please also state in your email the reason for return. If the goods are deemed to have been faulty when shipped then we will cover the postage. 
  • Please do not return goods without first contacting us for a returns number



Trouble getting connected: 

  • In the odd case you may connect your new UK TV Router as per the diagram supplied and find that that when you connect to your new UK TV Router network you have no internet connection. This does not mean it’s faulty; it can be caused by a setting or incompatibility of settings on your home network. In this case we provide  telephone and remote support at no additional charge (this does not extend to reconfiguring of any existing devices other than your ISP modem/router). In the very rare case that it is impossible fix remotely then we can send a technician to complete the installation although this does carry an additional fee of 63€. 
  • Please note that it can be the device (smartphone, computer, laptop) that can have an issue preventing proper playback or downloading of content, so please appreciate that UKTVRouter is not responsible for the correction of such a problem, but will of course advise if necessary.


Hardware guarantees:

  • All hardware is covered by the Manufacturers' guarantee apart from the router, which as we have upgraded the firmware, means they may not honour their guarantee even if it is a hardware issue. In this case we will give a 12 months repair/replacement guarantee of our own.


Very Important Notice.

  • You must never press the reset button on your router. If you do it will require a reconfiguration which is chargeable. We may be able to reconfigure remotely but, if not you may have to send it back for reconfiguration.

Annual Subscription Charges:

Since the launch we have had some people ask the question: Why is your annual fee slightly higher than a standard VPN service? The reasons are various so I will lay them out below.

During testing we tried a variety of standard VPN services and found that at some point we got the annoying circle going round in the centre of the screen during a programme, this is because there is no way to control the number of users online at any one time, thus no way to control the available bandwidth per user.
We then decided to set up our own dedicated UK servers which allows us to control the number of users per server and ensure that there is always enough bandwidth available to guarantee you can watch what you want, where you want and when you want without any annoying interruptions.

The advantages of our service are:

  • Guaranteed continued viewing (provided you have an internet speed of 1500 kbps although we now have users working on 800 kbs)
  • You never need to connect to a VPN server before you start watching,  just browse to our channel guide and click on what you want to watch.
  • You don’t need any additional software
  • Your new wireless network creates a virtual little Britain in your home, whenever you connect via this network you are in the UK.
  • Each client can connect up to 4 separate devices allowing the family or guests the ability to watch 4 different programmes simultaneously in different locations around the home.
  • Watch anywhere your wireless network reaches: bedroom, terrace, naya etc.
  • Support via our web page, via email and on the phone.
  • The parent company is Base Satellite, established on the Costa Blanca in Spain since 2001, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and have installed over 5000 satellite systems for British TV. We understand our customers’ needs and have provided this new service as an add-on not only for those who may lose the ability to view UK TV via the satellite but also as a new method, in these fast moving times, for those who like to have the freedom to watch the TV on other devices at different locations around the home and to use the extremely useful catch-up TV services.


The cost is slightly higher than a standard VPN but these can only be used on one device at a time, they often can’t provide the bandwidth required for streaming TV and you need to go through the process of downloading additional software and connecting to the server each time you want to use it.

There are no other disadvantages.

Payment of Annual Subscriptions:

You will receive an email approximately 1 month before your subscription ends offering you the current forms of payment: they are presently:

  • Direct debit - Spain only from Spanish bank account
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal


In any case if you are not sure what to do just call or email us for assistance.