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Sky on Demand Includes:   

BBC iplayer, ITV player, 4oD, on your Big Screen

This is a fantastic service, it costs very little if you already subscribe to Sky, and needs a bit of explaining, so please bear with me and read through to the end.

This also solves the problem of how to watch programmes from channels on which you have the “no satellite signal” message.

So for those who have lost their BBC, ITV, Freesat channels since the Astra 2E switch over  happed, this will allow you to watch all of your favourite programmes on catch up.

There are two options here; both are to watch on your big screen TV with a normal remote control in your hand.

Everything comes from the original broadcasters’ source, i.e. no second hand retransmission, in poor quality via dubious web sites/servers.

As always we only supply the same original equipment you would use if you were in the UK but we have an additional service which makes it all work here in Spain.

Sky on Demand requires a Sky subscription, a Sky+ HD box and a dish with a satellite signal on some Sky channels, as long as you can access the on screen TV guide it will work perfectly.

You may already have this, but If not we can arrange it for you. You also require broadband internet, although the speed of your internet connection is not too important for this option.

It is very important to understand that the On Demand service downloads the programmes you choose to your planner via the internet and stores them on the inbuilt hard drive for you to view at your leisure.

This means that even if you have “no satellite signal” on the original channel via the satellite i.e. Sky Movies, BBC, ITV, Freesat, etc. it doesn’t matter, as long as you have the Sky “TV Guide” and the internet you can watch almost anything which is in your package via on demand.

 A quick example of what you can do: This morning it took me 15 minutes to peruse and select 6 programmes that we might fancy watching over the weekend, when I looked an hour or so later they were all available to watch from the planner.


This is not “streaming” - all other internet TV services depend on streaming which takes some time to buffer then allows you to start watching. The problem with streaming is that it can’t give you the same quality and it also tends to stop at high internet usage times. Not so with Sky on Demand as irrespective of the internet speed, the programmes will download and save on your box, so when you choose to watch you always get the original perfect quality.


I want to watch it now!  - Yes you can:

Normally about 30 seconds to a 1 minute after you select your chosen programme it will appear as “available” and you can watch it while it is still downloading. (This one does depend on your internet speed)

This really is watching what you want when you want. The quality is fantastic both in SD and HD.


What you get:

Free i.e. as part of your existing Sky package:

 (The minimum Sky package required is entertainment @ £21.50/month)

  • BBC iplayer
  • ITV player
  • 4oD
  • Demand Five
  • Sky Catch Up: on many of the Sky channels in your existing package i.e. Sky TV (shows from Sky1, Sky Atlantic, etc) Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Comedy Central, Universal, Syfy, Fox, TLC, MTV, E!, Lifetime, Discovery, Nat Geo, History, CI, Cartoon Network,  Disney and most of the other kids channels.

Note: you only get catch up on the channels included in your package i.e. if you don’t have sports on your package you can’t watch them in catch up either.


Box Sets:

These are entire series with every episode available on demand.  They include the following categories:  Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Music and Arts, Entertainment, Documentaries and Nature.

(ITV seems to work with the minimum package but all the others require you to have Sky HD package, costing from an additional £5.50/month (dependant on your original package)

Sky Movies:

If you have movies in your package you can download to your planner and watch when you want.

Sky Store:

This allows you to choose movies to rent from 99p to £3.49 for the latest releases. (12 months before they appear on Netflix)


What you need: (assuming you already have Sky+ HD)

UK TV Router @ € 210 which includes 1 year annual subscription of €110 and either an Ethernet cable if your router is close to your Sky box or a wireless connector which we can supply for you.

This is an easy D.I.Y. installation but should you like us to install it for you it would be a standard call out charge of 63€. (Dependant on distance)

If you don’t already have Sky+ HD then it would be best if you contact me and I can quote for whatever you need to upgrade to this system.

  • Email me a contact nº and a good time for me to call you
  • Call me on +(34) 667 427 271 or +(34) 962 800 807 Monday to Friday 09.00 -18.00


UK TV Router:

The UK TV Router also gives you a load of other advantages:

  • A new additional wireless network in your home with a UK IP address
  • Allows you to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously and watch live or catch-up TV on your PC, laptop, ipad, tablet, smart phone etc.
  • Secure internet access where your own I.P. address and location will not be available to snoopers on the net.
  • At UK TV Router we have our own dedicated UK servers. This allows us to control the number of end users assigned to each server, thus guaranteeing more than sufficient bandwidth for each user even during peak viewing times.


We have now had our systems on test for a nearly a year and had zero failures to watch the TV when we want.

If you are interested in Sky on Demand or just want to chat about how it works, please either:

  • Email me a contact nº and a good time for me to call you
  • Call me on +(34) 667 427 271 or +(34) 962 800 807 Monday to Friday 09.30 - 13.30