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New Pink - Red Sky viewing card for Italy

We supply Sky viewing cards with no requirement for a UK address, to anywhere in Italy.

We have provided this service to our Sky TV customers in Spain since 2000 when we first established Base Satellite.

At Base Satellite we pride ourselves in giving our customers a straightforward, no nonsense service where you get exctly what we offer and if not, you get your money back.

It's that simple, just order your new red Sky viewing card and provide us with the detaills of how you would like to pay your subscription to Sky.

We send you the card via courier and you call us when you receive it, we will then activate the card in your Sky digibox and set it to your required package.

The first year cost including initial set up and hosting fee is 150€ followed by an annual hosting fee of 100€.

The Service Includes:

  • use of our Sky card
  • pairing of the Sky card to your digibox
  • setting of required package
  • setting up direct debit or credit card payment with Sky


Limited period offer:        Half Price New Sky+ HD digibox together with your new card.

 What we will need from you:

  • your UK bank account details or a current, valid Visa or Mastercard (this can be from any country) to pay your Sky subscriptions


Order Online Now: click the relevant link below to place your order


or simply call us on (+34) 962 800 807 and you can order over the phone:



50% off of your first 12 months Sky subscription if you have Family bundle with either Sports, Movies or both.

 Sky packages

  • The Original Bundle - £21.50 a month (Entertainment & Style & Culture SD)
  • The Variety Bundle - £30.00 a month (above + News, Docs, Kids & Music SD)
  • The Family Bundle - £36.00 a month (Variety bundle in HD)



  • If you wish to add the Sky Sports package to any of the above, the extra cost is £25.50 per month.



  • If you wish to add the Sky Movies package to either of the above, the extra cost is £8.50 for the first 6 months then £17 per month. 



  • If you wish to add HD  to SPORTS and/or MOVIES, the extra cost per month is £5.25 assuming you already have the  The Family Bundle (Variety bundle in HD).  However If you only have the The Original Bundle or The Variety Bundle ie, non HD then additional cost will be £10.25.



Order Online Now: click the relevant link below to place your order


or simply call us on (+34) 962 800 807 and you can order over the phone:

Or email the required information except for your credit card details. Then call us on (+34) 962 800 807 to confirm your order, arrange delivery and pay via credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.


  • Your credit card details will not be kept by us, they will be used and shredded.
  • Items are normally from stock but there can be up to a 7 day delay when ordering cards from Sky in the UK.
  • Delivery in Spain is by MRW and is next day delivery, for the rest of Europe it is normally 4 to 5 working days.
  • Requires Satellite Dish tuned to Astra 28.2º east & Sky Digibox
  • Your Sky card will be active on the minimum package when it leaves us so you will pay the subscription from that date.


By purchasing this item you agree to:

  • keep a Sky package for a minimum of 12 months (you can add or take things away, change packages at any time by contacting us)
  • Never to contact Sky directly, this can cause the cancelation of your programmes without refund.
  • authorise Sky subscription services to take payment by the method you provide when ordering your card. If you need to change the payment method please contact us